Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My First Trip To Toronto (as told by Simon)

Last night, I got to go to Toronto for the first time. Wow! Was I excited. I ran around and jumped on Mommy and jumped on Daddy and ran around some more. We were going to pick up Aunt Peggy. I love Aunt Peggy! When I saw her at Christmas time she gave me some ham and I gave her so many kisses.

Daddy said he knew where he was going, but Toronto is a BIG place. Just to be sure, I checked the
map on the lap top.

So once I knew where we were going, we hopped in the truck and headed off.

We stopped to pick up Nana and she came with us. Nana and Aunt Peggy are going in an airplane today to go to Cousin Holly's wedding in Halifax. I was worried that maybe Mommy & Daddy were going to go too. I heard Mommy say she loves Halifax. But then they said they weren't able to go. Whew! I would be scared to be left alone and scared to go in an airplane. But all is OK.

Aunt Peggy lives in Leaside. It didn't take very long, and we were there. Toronto is really nice. I barked at all the city dogs I saw. I was very excited to see Aunt Peggy.

She came to Canada from Ireland a long time ago and she married Nana's uncle. She's also Daddy's Godmother. Do you know that she is 17 and a half years old! If you make that human years, she's 83! Wow! She looks great.

While Nana and Peggy were getting stuff together, Mommy and Daddy took me for a walk. In Toronto! I felt so important. I peed on everything I could just so those city dogs would know that Simon Was Here!

We loaded up the truck and drove back to Nana's. Then the party started. There was food and drinks and lots of talking and laughing. I helped Nana get some drinks out of the fridge.

I was sure there must be something for me. Maybe it was hidden in Aunt Peggy's bag.

I quickly forgot all about that because Gina arrived! I love Gina! We played and acted silly. It was fun.

Daddy had some pizza. It smelled really good. I wanted some. I knew if I sat real close and stared at it, it would levitate off the plate and into my mouth. Failing that, Dad would just give me a bite of the crust. He always does. Sucker.

I was living the life. I had pizza, water from my own bowl that stays at Nana's, and everyone played with me.

I got scratches from Nana.
Then I got scratches from Peggy.

It was getting late, so we had to come home. I gave Gina lots of kisses good-bye. She always says we can go to her house and play with her dogs Harley and Julius. I hope Mommy and Daddy take me!

It was way past my bedtime. It must have been around midnight when we got home! That's late for me! I was so tired from all the excitement, I went right to bed. I hope when Mommy and Daddy go to Toronto again they take me. It was great!


MeloMeals said...

That's one happy dog.. what a total cutie.. I loved the pic with him staring the the pizza.. Jorda does that too... and she always gets a bite... she's so polite and cute.. how can we say no?

Tanya Kristine said...

awww...although daddy did not look happy that simon was checking out his pizza. must be his way of trying to be alpha. it never works.

i love aunt peggy. she's the one from ireland, right? becuase she LOOKS it! i wonder if she misses it...

dont' you wish everyone loved your dogs like your family?

Dori said...

Simon, that was a great story you told. I am so glad you got to visit family and enjoyed your trip to Toronto. My dog Pup doesn't like to travel, it makes her tummy sick. She doesn't like to stay home either so she has to take motion sickness medicene before we leave.
Rest well.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

i LOVE simon stories! I peed on everything I could just so those city dogs would know that Simon Was Here! = priceless!

KleoPatra said...

Simon, you are a wonderful typist and storyteller. Like Vicki, i loved this quote: "I peed on everything I could just so those city dogs would know that Simon Was Here!" Good for you!

So glad you and your mom and dad had fun and got to enjoy some time away from home. YAY for you!!

Crystal said...

Simon - what a fun trip. I love your mommy and daddy's laptop; oh so durable!

Toronto rocks!


t. said...

Simon you rock! And Toronto does too! I used to live there and it was wonderful! Too bad we did not get a chance to meet there... there are a couple of spots I would have loved to show you: your canineness would have loved them...

funwithyourfood said...

I like the dog focused posts. they are too cute. What a smart pup- even internet savvy



Carrie™ said...

I'm glad I get such positive responses from everyone no matter what I post, but I especially love to hear the great comments about Simon's posts. We have such fun doing them.

Shananigans said...

Simon, that was a very nice post! It sounds like you had so much fun in Toronto, I would really like to visit there someday. I hear all the food is so good with lots of veg friendly places. You are lucky that your dad is so nice and shares his crust, we are mean doggy parents because we make our little boy go lay down in his bed when we are eating. No fun for him! Can’t wait to hear about Simon’s next adventure.