Sunday, June 25, 2006

England Advances!

I'm assuming that World Cup fever has taken over most of the planet. Here in Canada it's no exception. Since Canada's soccer team didn't qualify (shocker, eh?) people here choose to cheer for their ancestrial country - or, being a country of many immigrants, they are cheering for their birth country. I'm sure you've seen those little flags you can attach to your car's side window. They're flapping everywhere. The majority of the ones I see are of course, England. I've spotted a few German and Italian flags, some Holland, Portugal, Trinidad. Sometimes we'll see a way-out flag, look at each other and say "Where the hell is that from?"

So, Canada isn't in, Scotland isn't in (for Jim), Ireland isn't in (for me). Now what?

I'm also descended from German and English, but decided to cheer for England. There are a couple of reasons. One, Canada is a Commonwealth country and we swear allegiance to the Queen. So much that is "English" is embedded in our heritage, culture and everyday life - whether most realize it or not - so there is an affinity there for me. Another is that my uncle immigrated to Great Britain and lives there with his lady love (Hi Auntie Lorraine!).

A few other reasons are -



Double Hottie

I think they should adopt a shirtless uniform. Then we could all look at this.

I don't think England will win the big prize. My bets are on Brazil to do it again.


When I was watching the match today, a thought came to me. I just hope that Posh Spice says a prayer of thanks to the Lord above every morning when she wakes up to this.


funwithyourfood said...

my step dad is from england and he's very happy haha

I'm home from SF.. Just got in about 1 hour ago and i've already posted some pics!


Amanda said...

Damn son, that is a double hottie! Yum. I'm starting to regret paying so little attention to sports. I think losing the shirts would help a lot, yes. :) Posh Spice scares me. Always has, always will. She should've been Scary Spice. It was all a huge mix-up.

KleoPatra said...


Bend it, baby.

Yeah, you know my sports sitch, but i do care a little... and i care more when i see the HOTTIES. Good picks and good pix there, Carrie!

YUM. Better than BBQ tempeh...

Dreena said...

You are SO funny!! I am laughing through this post - though also enjoying it very much!

Forget the foodie posts, let's all get into the hottie posts!!!

Thanks for a great way to start a Monday... :)

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

those hotties perked me up better than my coffee! note to self: watch more sports.

Anonymous said...

no kiddin' becham is gorgeous. I just don't understand why he married the spice girl with the least amount of talent??? I remember listening really closely to their music, and only once or twice out of hundreds of times did I ever hear them let her sing?!? I'm pretty sure her mike was turned off most of the time!

t. said...

Good good idea to cheer for England! I cheer for most European teams but I must say the England AND German are the mot good looking players by far. The ugliest? France by far.

Everyday Superhero said...

Your comments (Hottie) made me burst out laughing. Good reason to cheer for a team. However, there were plenty of Hotties on the Italian team and I was cheering for them.