Friday, June 09, 2006

Head of the Household

Ahhhh, yes. This is the good life. Sitting on Dad's lap.

Ohohohohoh, my foot is itchy. narnarnar.

What's on TV? Ah, nothing. Dad's always watching that History channel. I want Animal Planet.

Hey! What's this with the camera!

Did I say you could take my picture? Away with you!

You bore me. I'm going to sleep now.

Yes slave. Adore me.

You still there with that damn camera?

All right minion. I'll allow it. But just remember who is the head of the household.


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Simon is killin' me with his computer take-overs & now the house?! I enjoy seeing his pictures & expecially the captions. :o)

Harmonia said...


I left you a PM on the board...when you have time.

Tanya Kristine said...

oh shit. what a cutie! couldn;t you jsut bite 'em!

i love my doggie too

KleoPatra said...

Carrie, your captions are priceless, especially the one where Simon's biting his paw. I laughed so good. Nice photography there and you have such a cute 4-legged subject too!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

funwithyourfood said...

what a great dog you have. and if
number of pictures has anything to do with importance (which it undoubtedly does) then this dog is pretty much the most important thing ever. haha

: )


MeloMeals said...

awww... your dog is adorable.. and of course he demands adoration. What else could be expected from a mere human???

Carrie™ said...

I'm glad everyone liked the Simon photos. He is adorable, but I'm a bit biased. He runs this place. After all I do live at the house of Simon. Now, if I could just get him to pay the bills.....