Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Egg Substitute

I find using tofu as an egg replacer in cakes, cookies, quick breads, etc. is so easy and I've always had great results.

This is the brand I usually use, but any soft tofu will do. 1/4 cup of blended tofu is equal to one egg. I usually wizz it around in the food processor and then add the other wet ingredients, pulse a bit to mix it up and that's it. You could also use a blender I'm sure.
I've taken some recipes that I've had for years that call for eggs and replace them with tofu and have never had a problem. In fact, I find that cakes are moister (is that even a word??) more moist(?) than baking with eggs.


Celine said...

i've never tried using tofu as an egg replacer. will have to do so, it's probably cheaper than buying ener-g stuff!
i also hear it's quite good as a soy yogurt replacement too. have you ever tried it for that?

Anonymous said...

That sounds interesting too, I have a bunch of "Silken" tofu that I need to use up. I'm not much of a baker (my waistline doesn't need me to be), but a soy yogurt replacement would be interesting.

I can't imagine how you'd make it... "yogurty" -- tofu is rather plain.

High Power Rocketry said...

Great work, posted your images to the bathrooms blog.

Going away for the weekend so it should be a good post that can last a while.

Unknown said...

Hi Carrrie, Your blog is fantastic. I sometimes use apple sauce as an egg substitute. Simon is a real cutie.

Barbara from the vegincanada group