Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jim Can Cook

A couple of weeks ago, Jim decided that while I was at work, he would make dinner. He wouldn't tell me what he had in mind but to just leave it to him. Holy doodle! Was I impressed.

I was presented my plate and it looked very nice and smelled wonderful.

He made pasta with lots of garlic, asparagus, fresh tomatoes and some olive oil. It was so incredibly good!

There was also phylo pastry filled with a light cheese sauce and artichoke hearts! It was rich, but oh so delicious.

Jim even made the wine selection of a Pinot Grigio which was a perfect match.
Why is this "cooking Jim" not around more often? Granted, if he made meals like this all the time, I would weigh a million pounds.

What a nice treat to come home, have dinner already made, eat a superb meal with my sweetheart and even have him clean up! I felt like a pampered princess. Thank you Honey!

Well, that sort of makes my cookies pale in comparison, but since there is chocolate involved, they can possibly be redeemed.

These are Coconut Chocolate Chip cookies from La Dolce Vegan. They are very much like regular chocolate chip cookies, but with coconut added.

I thought it made an interesting addition and livened things up a bit.

The recipe called for "egg replacer equal to one egg". I used soft tofu. I've never tried a commercial egg replacer like Ener-G because I almost always have tofu around or flax seeds, although I've never tried the flax seed sub either. Every time I use tofu for baked goods, I have such great success that I don't even want to tinker around with something different. Just out of curiosity, what do you like to use in your baked goods as an egg replacement?


madeinalaska said...

Bravo to Jim! He did do a fabulous job! What a treat for princess Carrie..
Early on I tried the Ener-g stuff, but I never had much luck. It works really good in waffles but, breads and cakes are crumbly-no good. Some cookies I think it works okay - thin ones that are meant to be crispy. I often use 1/2 a bananna = one egg and ground flax seed (1tbl w/ 3tbl. h20) for cakes (works well for chocholate)
I have also used apple sauce 3tbl.=one egg. for cookies but, it makes them a bit cakey..great for corn bread though..
I have done the tofu thing too.. I guess I am a tinker, eh?

Anonymous said...

I usually use flax seeeds or Ener-G. It's really hit or miss with the Ener-G though. I've never used tofu. What do you use exactly and what quantity?

Kudos to Jim! That meal looks fabulous. I think I would probably drop dead if I came home and Marty had cooked something other than cereal or pb&j's.

Dori said...

WOW! Great job Jim! Did you encourage him to start his own blog? I don't usually use anything to sub for eggs. I often just follow vegan recipes for the cookies. Dreena's cookbooks have awesome cookies in them.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

carrie, you are so cute for saying "Holy doodle" and quite a lucky lady having jim make you that fabulous meal, AND clean up. what a treat!

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed with Jim making a meal for Carrie and cleaning up afterwards..we deserve to be pampered once a while. It looked some good..keep up the good work Jim.
She is a lucky lady for sure to have nabbed Jim lol.

Judy said...

I hope you know how lucky you are - I've never come home to find dinner from my boyfriend! And if I did, I'm sure it wouldn't look or taste as good as yours!

Those cookies look great too. I have no egg replacing suggestions, since I just use eggs.

Tanya Kristine said...

what the hell??? he made something with PHYLLO DOUGH??

with wine? i think I'M in love ; )

Harmonia said...

Hello there! Congrats to Jim...thumbs up!

I'm back bloggin; - same place!

bazu said...

I've been wanting to post a comment for a couple of days now but Blogger is acting crazy! I just wanted to say that Jim was so sweet to cook for you, and what a fabulous meal! I think one of the things that made me fall for my husband is that he cooks! Although, if I want to fit into my pants, I have to do some of the cooking, too! Oh yeah, and the wine was the topper. Mmmmmm.

Candi said...

You're a lucky lady! Jim did such a great job making you dinner. You deserve to be pampered, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The cookies look great! I'm curious too about how you sub soft tofu for one egg? What amount of tofu per egg do you use? Sounds great! Ener-G is also hit or miss for me, as someone else mentioned. :(

Melissa said...

I like to use a powdered egg replacer, flax or tofu. I find tofu and the powder work similarly in that they don't impart a taste. Flax gives more of a chewy cookie, or a healthy tasting cookie, lol.

I love the coco choc.chip cookies from LDV...yum.