Friday, January 05, 2007

Another Gold For Canada

As I'm sure you know, organized hockey was invented in Canada. And, I'm sure you've figured out by now that we are a hockey crazy nation.

Yep. That's us in the picture. Potty-mouthed yet polite and down right nuts when it comes to our official winter sport.

Today we got to add another feather to our cap thanks to the young boys who represented our country at the
IIHF World Juniors. Gold medal winners for the third straight time - today with a 4-2 win over Russia.

Way to go guys! This team didn't lose a game during the whole tournament. It came close against the USA, but goalie, Carey Price, saved the game. He was named MVP of the tournament.

Watch for him in the NHL very soon. He's unbelievable. Too bad he got drafted by the wrong team. Booooo!!

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Anonymous said...

I think some Canadian fervor for hockey leaks over the border to Michigan. There are more Red Wing fans than any other sport, at least in my area. Just down the road, there is an actual party store named "The Red Wing Store" -- it's a little humorous to see.

Congrats on the victories. :)