Monday, March 13, 2006

What A Deal!

Michelle and I decided to get together for the afternoon so we could spend some time hanging out before she heads off to Calgary. I gave her the bottle of wine I picked up for her last weekend and she was very excited about it. I hope she likes it.
We started off with lunch at Pane Fresco. J did some work for these people before they opened the store and we've been hooked on them since then. They make the best bread in Burlington! Michelle had a salad with walnuts and goat cheese and I had a roasted vegetable sandwich on a baguette. They had also made fresh apple pies that morning and they must have been taking lessons from that cheese because those damn pies were calling out to me. So I bought one. I thought it would be a nice weekend dessert treat. Oh my was sooooo good. There are still 2 pieces left for tonight.
Michelle wanted to get a shelf for her bathroom so we went to our favorite store, IKEA. We stopped first at the "as is" section, just to check it out. There was a Leksvik corner cabinet that caught my eye. It looked OK and we did a good inspection on it. I had 2 very small scratches on 2 of the shelves which could be easily covered up, if noticable to anyone else at all. And darn it all, it was already assembled. Saved me the trouble of having to put it together. I've been looking for something to put in the kitchen that I could put the microwave on and that would give me some extra storage space. This looked like it would serve the purpose nicely, and I really like their Leksvik line. This cabinet sells for $249, but I got it for $159! They held it until J got home and took the truck over to pick it up. I LOVE IT! What a deal! It sort of outshines Michelle's $15 bathroom shelf and the $7 t-shirts I picked up later at Wal-Mart.


Harmonia said...

2 hours and 58 minutes or about 180 miles...not sure if the following directions will fit in comments or not, but here goes!

Directions Distance Time
Start: Depart Start on Queen St (South-East) 0.1 < 1min
1: Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto RR-87 [King St] 0.1 0:01
2: Turn RIGHT (South-East) onto RR-87 [Picton St] 1.1 0:02
3: Road name changes to Niagara Pky 6.5 0:11
4: Turn LEFT to stay on Niagara Pky 0.4 0:01
5: Turn RIGHT (West) onto Ramp 0.3 0:01
6: Keep RIGHT to stay on Ramp < 0.1 < 1min
7: Turn RIGHT (East) onto Queenston-Lewiston Bridge 0.5 0:01
Entering New York
8: Road name changes to I-190 [Niagara Expy] 28.0 0:23
9: At exit 54-61, take Ramp onto I-90 [Gov Thomas E Dewey Throughway] (I-90 / Erie) 4.3 0:04
10: *Toll road* Stay on I-90 [Gov Thomas E Dewey Throughway] (South) 64.5 0:54
11: At exit 61, stay on I-90 [Gov Thomas E Dewey Throughway] (South-West) 55.9 0:54
Entering Pennsylvania
Entering Ohio
12: At exit 235, turn RIGHT onto Ramp (OH-84 / OH-193 / Kingsville) 0.2 < 1min
13: Turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-193 [SR-84] 0.7 0:01
14: Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-193 [Lake St] 1.4 0:02
15: Turn LEFT (West) onto US-20 [W Center St] 1.7 0:03
16: Keep STRAIGHT onto US-20 2.5 0:04
17: Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto SR-11 [SR-46] (OH-11) 2.2 0:02
18: Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-531 [E 6th St] 0.8 0:02
19: Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-531 [W 5th St] 0.5 0:01
20: Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-531 [Lake Ave] 0.3 < 1min
21: Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-531 [W 9th St] 0.9 0:02
22: Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-531 [Lake Rd W] 0.6 0:01
23: Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-531 [Lake Rd] 0.3 < 1min
24: Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-531 4.2 0:07
25: Bear LEFT (West) onto SR-531 [Lake Rd E] 2.1 0:03
26: Turn LEFT (South) onto Lakegrove Ave < 0.1 0:01
27: Turn RIGHT (West) onto Local road(s) < 0.1 < 1min
End: Arrive End < 0.1 < 1min
Total Route 180 mi 2 hrs 58 mins

Carrie™ said...

Wow! Thanks for doing all of that. I'm going to print it off. We haven't been veg shopping for a while and I'm getting so low on everything, so it's time to head across the border. Once we get into NY, it shouldn't take too long really. If we drive the speed limit :o)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Gorgeous cabinet! I have IKEA envy. I finally live near one, but it's 2 hours away and I have no car. I can look forward to one being built in Portland in under 2 years I hear, though.