Monday, March 06, 2006

No Dairy? No Problem!

It's been 6 days since gave up dairy products. I must admit, I did cave a bit over the weekend. I had 4 nibbles of cheese on 2 different days. It was during our wine touring and I tried to stick with the crackers and jellies, but that damn cheese was taunting me..."woo-hoo! I'm over here. Look at me! So smoooooth and yellow. Don't I smell good? Come on, you know you want some. Just a little bite won't hurt."
But for the most part, I kept up my will power and have been doing quite well; I think. I've got some nice dark chocolate, so that's been a big help. Can't go without the chocolate.
I'm still experimenting with milks. I bought some Silk original and it's been OK in my coffee, but if I put in too much, it's kinda icky and I can't drink it. I can't imagine pouring a glass and just downing it. I haven't done that with cow's milk in ages either and it's just not very appealing. I bought some Almond Breeze in a tetra pak and that seems to go better with coffee. I also like that because I can buy a one litre size. The Silk is only in 2 litres. I would never use that in a week and will have to throw half of it away. I'm debating whether to try some Rice Dream. I wish they had small 250 ml sizes so you could try it without having to get a great big container.

Something I did try that I thought was fantastic was Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese. I started out with the plain and it was so good on my bagel that I bought the Herb and Chive flavour as well. Highly recommend the Tofutti!

I also got some So Nice soy yogurt. I was kinda nervous to try this. I thought it would be pretty raunchy, but it was surprisingly good. I picked strawberry to try first and it was really sweet, so I mixed it with some granola and that toned down the sweetness and also made it a super filling breakfast. They don't have very many flavours, but the plain and the vanilla could be jazzed up with fruit.

So, all in all, the no dairy is so far, going pretty well. I've got some cheese, but have yet to try it. Once I do, I'll report on that as well.


Harmonia said...

We can try together!!!

I continuously try...

Anyhow, I've seen some of these products and others I haven't. I have tried Tofutti Cream Cheese and like it. I have been pondering the Almond Milk...might have to do that in a week or two.

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

My kids love Organic Valley vanilla soymilk, but I use the regular Rice Dream. They do have the smaller container of that at Whole Foods Market here.
Good for you on giving up dairy!

~go veg said...

I am addicted to the chocolate Almond Breeze!!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Yum, Silk is the most flavorful and creaminest soymilk, it's such a treat when we actually find it on sale. Usually I buy trader joe's brand or West Soy Light.

Regarding FYH cheese - I also throw it in the freezer so it doesn't go bad. It's helpful to shred it first, but not necessary. It's best to let it defrost before using again, but works quickly out of the freezer too - just not as faux gooey. Keep in mind I lowered my standards after a couple years without dairy, so maybe I'm crazy about this. : )