Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Vegan Firefighters

I've never been to Texas, but my mind conjures up stereotypical images of big beef steaks, cowboys, oil and "manly" men driving big cars with horns as hood ornaments.
And firefighters...that means more macho "manly" men; calendar pin-ups of chiseled, good-looking, muscle-ripped creatures made entirely of testosterone, right? HA! I followed this link that I found on Out of My Vegan Mind and found neither to be true. What a great story! There is also a link to the firefighters web site that has some recipes! These guys ARE "manly"men!! Wooooo Mama!

**The photo has nothing to do with the vegan firefighters. It's just a gratuitous picture of some half naked firemen. Just look at it and enjoy it.


Harmonia said...

LOL. Thanks for that post!

Um, I can't remember the exact title of the Moosewood Cookbook but it was something like Sunday's @ Moosewood or Sunday Brunch @ Moosewood...something.

I am getting to be that way with cookbooks...don't know why...maybe you are rubbing off on me...haha.

I will be posting later today! Hope to see you again soon!

Have a great weekend!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

You are my personal winner of "the best bog picture" award! I'm going to follow the links you menion, when I can peel my eyes away form those pecs. Vegan Firefighters...what's not to LOVE?!

Harmonia said...

that's great that the shipping rates aren't that high on that site! :) Did you end up ordering anything?

How was your weekend?

Harmonia said...

Check this site out! It features some Vegan wines this month!