Friday, August 18, 2006

I taped this the night it appeared on SNL, but then my dog ate the tape. I was happy to find it again. The song is "Grace, Too". One of my favorites.


Harmonia said...

No intro neccessary! :) Or maybe that's because I grew up not too far from the Us/Canadian boarder...I don't know. Or maybe it's because of the college music scene years ago...but I like 'em!

As for your other music question on my blog...ROCKSTAR:SuperNova! I'd love to see Dilana win! I'm liking Ryan more and more each week. Lukas has a great shot but i didn't like his attitude/ego up front...the last few weeks it's been more tolerable. I think it will either be Lukas or Dilana!

I posted about some kitchen attempts today!

KleoPatra said...

Carrie! Hello there... I love finding out about bands i have heard of but never really have listened to. I have SO many albums, cassettes and CDs it is RIDICULOUS. But music is a passion of mine and i hadn't checked these guys out till now so THANK YOU!!