Friday, February 10, 2006

2006 Team Canada

Olympics start today. Yes! I love the winter Olympics. Unfortunately, again, because of time differences, a lot of the events will be on in the middle of the night here. Grrr! Thank heavens for Tivo. I'm geared up for the speed skating, figure skating and of course HOCKEY! I'm mildly optimistic about the men's team, but the women are poised to kick ass!

I think Kim St. Pierre is the best goalie in women's hockey. Hell, she's even better than some of the men! The ladies get to play their first game on Saturday against Italy. I saw this blurb on line: "Asked who on her team would be assigned to check Canadian star Hayley Wickenheiser, Italian defender Rebecca Fiorese smiled and said, "Ooh, I hope it's not me."

They say they expect a Canada-US showdown again for the gold medal. Let's just hope the officating this time isn't so horrible and blatantly one-sided. GO CANADA!

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