Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Done and Over With

Another Christmas has come and gone. J and I cut way back this year and I didn't miss a thing. We got to spend some fun time with friends and family and I enjoy that part the most. Mama Rita had us over for Christmas dinner along with her friend Mary. There was a turkey (ugh), but lots and lots of veggies. I brought roasted carrots and zucchini & corn with tarragon. Mary made a bean and pasta dish that was really, really good. We also had potatoes, turnip, home made cranberry sauce, yum! Mama Rita made stuffing and kept some out seperate for me. I brought some vegetarian gravy. Wow! That's a lot of food! J and I came home with enough leftovers to feed us for 2 days.
I worked a short shift at the wine store today. Frances was with me until 4pm. We were pretty busy what with the LCBO being closed. My pay stub was there with a Christmas bonus tucked inside along with a nice letter from the head honchos at the winery thanking us for all of our hard work. Bill had also left us Christmas gifts. Bottles of wine! YES! After I finished there, I got J to drop me off at the other workplace and I got the payroll done and slipped it under Lynne's door for her to finish up when she gets in on Wednesday. I'm not back to work until Thursday. I'm glad all that is done and over with.

I really just want to sleep in tomorrow and lounge around. And I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do! Simon and I will have a great day doing a whole lot of nothin'.

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Harmonia said...

Lovely place! I'll link you today so I can visit often!