Sunday, December 04, 2005

Back In Sympatico World

My computer is now up and running! J reformatted and did some updating for me. I've graduated to XP and am finding it a little strange. I was so used to the 98 and 2000. This one is different and I'm playing around trying to get things set up the way I like them. I haven't got any of my programs put in yet or my CSI game. Who has time? We're still living out of boxes and trying to get things into ship-shape. Don't even mention Christmas to me! I might just skip it this year. Now that we're in a big apartment building I'm being denied a real tree. I'm so stubborn and spoiled that if I can't have a real Christmas tree then I don't want one at all.

I noticed at the grocery store they had some potted Norfolk pines deocrated with little bows and things. That may be a possible sustitute. I wonder if they are difficult to look after and how big they grow? Something I'll have to look into with all the free time I have.

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