Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm Getting Old

I couldn't tell you the exact moment I went from being a spry young thang to the decrepit old thang that I am now. Geez! No one told me that I'd start falling apart at 40. I thought I'd be good until at least 60. Aside from the itchy, scratchy skin, I'm always experiencing some sort of pain - my back, my foot, now I've got a bad case of tennis elbow in my right arm which is just friggin' wonderful considering I'm right handed. I can barely pour myself a cup of coffee. I feel so weak! My wrist seems fine now though, so that's a plus.
J's not doing much better. He finally got in to see his doctor today and the doc thinks that J has a hair-line fracture in his foot. Great. Add that to his bum knee and we're a fine pair. Grunting and groaning as we get out of bed in the morning. Sexy!
Meanwhile, Simon's allergy shots have got him knawing on his feet again. I started giving him hydroxyzine twice a day and I'll wait out the weekend. If he's still chewing his toes, I'll have to call Dr. Wellington back. I'm hoping when spring comes we'll see some improvement because of these shots. I can't see the point of giving him needles and still having to give him pills. At least when he was just on the steroids, he was only on them during the nice weather. Once the snow came, he was great. I'm hoping his immunity will build up and kick in soon. I hate seeing the little guy so itchy. I know what that's like. Decrepit and falling apart, remember?

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