Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Something New & "Chicken" Marsala

I've been working a lot of shifts and didn't have a whole lot of cooking time available. I thought this new product by Sunrise would be great for a quick meal. It's tofu in sauce and all you have to do is add vegetables.
These were on sale at the grocery store for 99¢ and I had a coupon to save 75¢, so I got this package for a quarter! The instructions said to add carrots and broccoli. I also had 1/2 of a green pepper in the fridge, so I threw that in too. This was ready in no time.

I found it wasn't quite saucy enough for my liking, so I poured in some jarred teriyaki sauce I had. The tofu was tasty and for 25¢, I'd say I got a pretty good meal. There was enough for 2 servings and I also had some brown rice on the side. I've since seen the "tofu n' sauce" at $2.49 which I probably wouldn't pay. It would be much more economical to get a whole block of tofu and cube it myself & add sauce.

Finally, I had some time off to make a bit of a special meal for Jim & I. I started with some Naked Quorn Cutlets and did "Chicken" Marsala. Marsala is a fortified wine from Sicily and gives this dish a succulent flavour.

I used Martha Stewart's recipe and it turned out really well. Of course, I didn't have any mushrooms on mine and I like it just fine that way.

New potatoes are out now and I just had to have a feast of those. These were steamed until almost done, then I tossed them in a pan with some olive oil and fresh herbs to finish them off. I used some parsley, rosemary and a sprinkle of chives. Soooo freakin' yummy!

I found a recipe for carrot ribbons on the Bon Apetit site that sounded interesting, so I gave those a try too. They turned out quite nice. I found I had to do a bit of fussing because the ribbons kept sticking together. I wanted to make sure that each one got a good coat of the sauce, so I spent a bit of time separating them. For a unique presentation, this was nice, but next time, I will probably just cut the carrots in pieces.


Catherine Weber said...

Beautiful! You know, I really don't care for cooked carrots, but if they were that gorgeous, I just might have to give 'em a try!

radioactivegan said...

can I just say, wow. 25 cents. wow.

dreaminitvegan said...

Now that tofu meal, what a great deal and it looks really tasty. It's nice to have some frozen food handy if you don't have much time to cook.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful and tasty.

Stefania (ingredientsforlife.ca)

Anonymous said...

Quorn products are not vegan. Everything else looked delicious

Crystal said...

Wow, 25 cents? That's amazing! I love the idea of those carrot ribbons. I have a 10 pound bag of carrots in my refrigerator right now and that looks like a terrific way to use some of them up!

Hannah said...

I'm always leery of read-made shelf-stable meals, but this one looks like it actually has some potential! And hey, you can't beat that price.