Thursday, May 21, 2009

Simon's Turn

Hey Bitches!!! Mom's busy, so I'm taking over blogging duties for this entry. I was thinking long and hard about what a good post subject would be and then it hit me. Food! Mommy is always taking pictures of food, so I decided I would do the same.

This is the kibble I eat. Solid Gold. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? Dr. Woolard....frigg-it I love her! She's the best doctor ever. She feeds me treats and says I'm the best patient in her whole practice. Her husband is nice, but Sarah looks after me more than Stuart does. Ooops, got off on a tangent...Dr. Woolard suggested that mommy & daddy feed me this kind of kibble and I like it well enough. It's better when mom mixes in some canned food.

I like these two kinds. Mommy buys Merrick's a lot and they have so many different flavours that I can eat. Mommy has to be careful because of my allergies. She says it doesn't matter who she's shopping for, her or me, she's got to read the labels on everything.

This is what I had for dinner last night. Actually, this is what I have for dinner almost every night. I used to have a matching set of bowls, but Mommy & Daddy had a party and one of Mommy's friends accidentally broke my food bowl. No biggie, I got a new one!
It's nice and bright. I like it. Doesn't my kibble look delicious?
When I'm a good boy - which in my mind is all of the time, but Mom & Dad just don't see things the way I do - I get a treat. Sometimes I have cookies -

Mommy buys these ones on a fairly regular basis

Sometimes I'll get these ones for a different flavour. Mommy then heard something about some people's pets in the States getting sick from Nutro pet food and she was really worried that maybe I might get sick. She checked their website and found this. There was also a report on CNN

Mom's a bit paranoid, especially after that Menu Foods fiasco, so she said that the lamb chop cookies are on hold for now "just in case." Geez! I really like those ones too. Has anyone heard anything about Nutro? I'd like to tell Mom that everything is fine so I can get my paws on some of those cookies.

These are something new Mommy bought for me. Woof! Do I like these ones!! The company that makes these, Delca Corporation, has all kinds of dog treats. And mommy's friend, my Auntie Karen, will be happy to know - these are made in a Kosher factory!! There's also a P'Nut Butter Creme cookie that I tried, but I must say, I like my carob chip ones better.
Wooof! What dog doesn't love Greenies! I get these as a treat and to also help keep my teeth clean. Especially since Dr. Woolard gave me a real good cleaning when I was in for my extraction, I want to keep my teeth sparkling. I do on occasion bury these in select spots around the house just in case I feel like one later. My favorite secret hiding places are between the couch cushions and in my crate under my blanket. Ssshhhhh! Don't tell Mom. She doesn't know.

OK, I saved the best for last. BEGGIN' STRIPS KICK ASS! If I could, I would eat the whole bag and probably make myself sick. Of course I'd throw up on the bed or on a rug, because that's just the kind of guy I am. There's a magic cupboard in the kitchen that holds all of these marvelous treats, but this one doesn't come out as much as I would like. Mom says it's "junk food for dogs" and I'm only allowed to have a little bit. Boy oh boy! These are my ultimate favorites!

When Mommy & Daddy went to the United States, they brought me back some treats too. Mommy said she read all the labels and these ones are OK for me. I have a chicken allergy, so it's hard to find good stuff sometimes. Look at the Beggin' Canadian Cuts. It's like Canadian bacon. Imagine. They have to go to USA to get Canadian Cuts. Weird. I can't wait to try all of these!

Well, typing up this post has made me sleepy. I think I'll go dig up a cookie and have a nap. Catch you bitches later.

Simon out!


aTxVegn said...

Simon, I think you are too spoiled! Good for you!

Ellen said...

Simon you did a good job describing your food... Anni probably will like this as well...Casey can't eat anything with pork or bacon..makes him sick but they both love treats of course..course all doggies love them!!Guess you are one spoiled are Casey and Anni. Enjoy the treats Mommy and Daddy brought for you.

Catherine Weber said...

Awe-some. :)

Simon, tell your mommy that if she emails me her address, I will mail her a doggie treat COOKBOOK -- because we have some awesome ones at my work! Woof!

madeinalaska said...

ahh Simon you are too cute and obviously very loved..

InALittleMinute said...

my cat loves greenies~

we couldnt get them in Australia for a bit and I swear she was going to eat me alive!

urban vegan said...

Simon, you are one smart pup. And you are lucky to have Carrie as your mamma. She loves you so much and takes SUCH primo care of you.

Hugs and belly rubs!

Tanya Kristine said...

SOMEONE is very spoiled! Kody used to eat Solid Gold but then mommy put him on Innova. and he only gets peanut butter cookies from trader joes....