Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yep, It's Summer

It's time again for the Burlington Sound of Music Festival - another sure sign of summer. While out for our walk on Thursday, Simon and I spied all of the activity. The amusement rides and vendors get set up early and crews were working on getting the stages ready. There will be music and merriment all weekend. This takes place downtown with most of it as Spencer Smith Park.

This is a block from where I live. Makes for a noisy weekend, but there are very seldom any "bad" incidents. I doubt I'll be participating much this year. I'll be working most of the weekend. The committee does a great job at getting something for everyone. There's rock, jazz, country, big band, something for the kids, etc. All of the muscial acts are free! Hometown rockers Finger Eleven have played a few times in the past, but unfortunately, not this year. You may have heard this song. It was a big hit for them. I'm really diggin' their new song. Check it out.

Simon was fascinated by the Berry-go-Round and begged for a turn, but mommy said no.
So I guess we've determined that summer has indeed come to stay for a while. What better time than to have some BBQ Ribz!

I used this recipe and tweaked it a bit so it was more to my liking. When I made these the last time, I thought the peanut butter flavour was a bit too strong. Vicki at Vegan Vice had commented and suggested tahini instead of peanut butter. What a great idea!! I used half PB and half tahini. It was much better. I also added some BBQ sauce with the water to get more of the barbecue flavour into the actual ribz. Jim threw them on the BBQ for a few minutes at the end of the cooking time and it all worked really well.
More roasted vegetables. I can't seem to get enough of these. I just use whatever I have hiding in the fridge. This one was broccoli, carrots, red peppers, and a few odd pieces of leftover cauliflower.

Since we were celebrating (nothing special, isn't life itself a celebration?) we had Jim's favorite wine.

Henry of Pelham winery has been around for over 20 years. They have taken the lowly hybrid and made it a bit of a cult wine here in Ontario. They have some of the oldest Baco vines in the province and the winemaker really knows how to work this grape. This is a perfect barbecue wine. Alas, this is our last 2002 bottle.

For a light, tasty finish we have Dreena's Coconut Lime Cookies!

These were a big hit at our house. So soft and chewy and what a great flavour combination! I think the batch made it through 2 days...just barely!
Enjoy the weekend! I'm going to try and make the rounds to the blogs I visit over the next couple of days.


MeloMeals said...

Simon is such a cutie...

I LOVE the coconut lime cookies.. I need to make some. I've only made them once.

Your ribz look great.

Anonymous said...

I love love love music festivals. They're so much fun. Unfortunately Marty doesn't share my enthusiasm so we don't go to everyone but I certainly could.

Your ribz look delicious. I like the idea of half tahini and half pb.

laura k said...

Ohhh, the music festival sounds like so much fun! Athfest is next week here, and now your post has me all excited about it! The ribz look great!

KleoPatra said...

Simon should be thankful mommy said no about the "Berry-Go-Round" - methinks he would not be a happy camper after one time around. So great that you took him. The festival sounds like it was great. i love stuff like that, esp when i can take Mattie! Great that you got out and enjoyed.

Vicki's idea about tahini instead of (at least partial) peanut butter (which i know you love as i do) sounds like a great idea. Those ribs look amazing!! i can never get enough of roasted veggies either. i haven't made them in such a long time but i always used to make them with small red po's and a bunch of garlic cloves... the smell was incredible!!

Look for a package in the mail. i sent that cartoon i text messaged you about... and a few other goodies (non edible, sorry!). i am still enjoying my booty. i took photos and will blog about it this week if all goes well. GREAT cookies, omg, can i just tell you how much i love those Maple Leaf Cookies? BOTH brands... THANK YOU again!!

Unknown said...

The ribs are making my mouth water!

Judy said...

I didn't know Finger Eleven was from Burlington - guess you really do learn something new every day!

Great looking food, especially the cookies.

Catherine Weber said...

Delicious, delicious . . . how do you roast your veggies? I tend to want roasted veggies most in the fall and winter -- and I usually throw in some cubed tofu, too, for a meal-in-one.

Now I want to bake . . . and it's cool enough outside to do so! Bring on the sweets!

Jackie said...

What a fun place to live and so close to the sea.

Simon is really cute. Just like my dog Patches who I had for 17 years but his patches were black not brown.

Thanks for the rib recipe. As soon as I sort myself out seitan wise I shall give it a bash.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

glad the tahini worked out well! I absolutely love Dreena's coconut lime cookies!!! :)