Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nana's Birthday

On Sunday, it was my Nana's birthday. Mommy had to work during the day, so Dad took me to the dog park. I got to play with some of my friends that I haven't seen in a while.

Later, we picked Mommy up from work and they took me over to Nana's to visit and have a birthday party. I was so excited! Nana was very happy to see me.

Mommy wanted to make this cake but has been working a lot and just didn't have time. She said maybe for the next birthday. So she bought a cake.

I thought this one looked pretty darn good! Here's a picture of Nana and Daddy with fire on the cake!

I don't get it. Mommy lit the cake on fire, took some pictures and then Nana put the fire out. Whew! I was getting kinda nervous there. Nana wasn't even mad at Mommy. Everyone seemed to like it. If I set something on fire it would be a different story.

Here's me with Jade. I know it was Nana's birthday, but I was getting so much attention! I just can't help it I guess. When you got it, you got it!
After Nana put the fire out, it was time to have cake. YES!

If I sit and look totally pathetic, I'm sure to get a taste. Nana will give me some. I know she will.

Look at the piece of cake Nana cut! She was laughing and being all silly. Mommy was laughing too.

What's the matter with them? Too much Chinese food and too much of this!

We visited for a long time and I was getting really tired. So was Daddy. He took Jade home and then we went home. I had a fun time at my Nana's. Oh, I forgot, I took her some flowers for her birthday. She really liked them.



Anonymous said...

Awww...happy b'day, Nana!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Simon's nana. Simon, thanks for sharing pictures of mommy and daddy if you grow up to look like them you will be one pretty & handsome puppy. I think it's really neat that your mommy gets to be involved at the wine celebration. Sounds like a fun time. I discovered that there is a winery a few miles from my home, I am inspired to go visit it. Wish mommy a great weekend celebration for me.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Simon's Nana. What a good dog you are being such a sweet boy for your mommy and Nana. Looks like you got loads of attention and had so much fun. Yay for you.

Your Nana looks very happy, that's always great so see. And that cake! WOW!!!