Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ethiopian Seitan and Peppers

On Friday, before dinner, I dug this out and Jim and I had a glass. Are you wondering how we ended up with a bottle (I have 2 actually) of Chardonnay with Legislative Assembly of Ontario on the label?

On one of our many trips up to Niagara-on-the-Lake and on one of our many stops at Hillebrand Estates Winery we spent the afternoon with our friend, Archie, who poured for us in the winery's wine club members room. He happened to point out this unique back vintage that was sitting on the shelf. Hillebrand had been selected to supply the wine for Queen's Park that year, hence the label. Archie opened one for shits & giggles and we really liked it. It was soft and buttery, with just enough oak. I seem to remember it being a reasonable price so we bought 2 bottles. The next time we were up, I asked Archie if there were anymore available. He sort of laughed and said that those bottles weren't supposed to be for sale. They were for the winery's library. Ooops!

Onto dinner! While I was home from work on Friday, I made seitan from Vegan with a Vengeance. It turned out spectacularly well. I then used that to make, also from VwaV, Ethiopian Seitan and Peppers. OMG!! Was it ever yummy! And it was soooo easy.

We had it with some brown rice and Quick Roast Green Beans and Peppers from The Everyday Vegan. I know I'm nuts for cooking in the heat, but I wanted hot FOOD! It was a delicious dinner that made enough that we can have the leftovers for another meal.

I also wanted to show you what Jim brought home for me.

Aren't they absolutely beautiful? I've been staring at them all night.


Anonymous said...

That sure did look delicious! Jim sure does spoil you or was he in the dog house lol. Just kidding. Beautiful flowers.

Eat Peace Please said...

That meal looks great! Glad to hear it was easy. Those flowers are lovely.

KleoPatra said...

The flowers are fabulous. No wonder you stared at them. Very sweet of your sweetie. Good taste... but then we knew that 'cause he's with YOU!!!

The seitan 'n' peppers really looks sooooooooooo good. I know nothing about wine but i'll take your word on it. Wonder if the library's restocked?!

funwithyourfood said...

aw the flowers are my favorite. how nice :)


MeloMeals said...

What beautiful flowers...

You certainly scored with that wine!

I can't wait to try that Ethoipian seitan.. I'm loving her cookbook.. I've only made two things so far (and almost followed the recipe with both of them!) and they were delicious.

I'm a pretty creative cook by nature, but I never would have come up with spice combo she used in her PRCG..

I noticed in your profile that you like Motley Crue... when I was a teen, I was OBSESSED WITH THEM... I mean totally obsessed. When I was 13 I ran away from home with a friend.. he was 15.. we stole his mothers car and drove 90 miles one way to see them in concert! I saw them every tour up until Dr. Feelgood... hehe.. sometimes I still listen to them when I'm in a mood.

urban vegan said...

The flowers are perfect.

And I've been meaning to try that Ethioian seitan recipe. Your photo made me realize the time is NOW.

karen said...

Sounds like we were both craving seitan- yum. I forgot to mention how good the simmering broth is. I save it too, and use it for soup or stock or even to make more seitan- yum! The food you made looks so good and the flowers are beautiful- you're a lucky girl :)

Oh- and Melody, the punk rock chickpea gravy is SO good!

Anonymous said...


Love the new layout! The colors are very soothing.

Anonymous said...

those glad's look amazing. I would stare at them all night too!'s been too long since I've had some.

Dori said...

I love the flowers! Really makes a great meal greater!

Crystal said...

The flowers are so sweet!!

The seitan looks yummy - we'll have to try that now that we know we like seitan.