Monday, January 09, 2006

Whole Foods Market

Yesterday, J & I went to the new Whole Foods Market in Oakville. What a nice store! It's not as big as the one in Toronto and it was pretty busy since it was a Sunday, but it was still fun. I found lots of great things. I really like Amy's Texas Burger and they had some! I've been having a really hard time finding those.
I also grabbed some of their own brand of Veggie and Vegan burgers to try. Got some tempeh, tofu, tahini, Kiss My Face lotion, a nice baguette to have with dinner, coffee, etc. etc. etc. I really like how they've taken the time to put labels on the shelves under the products stating if they are organic or vegan. Makes it much easier to shop.

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Harmonia said...

Amy's Kitchen is great!!! I also like the Texas Burgers. I wanted to go to the WHole Foods Store but we ran out of time this past weekend.