Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Couple of My Favorite Things

Body Shop's hemp cream. I love this stuff! My skin is quite dry, especially in the winter and I would be lost without my hemp cream. The hand protector is waterproof, and I use it everywhere. There is a body butter , a foot cream , and lip balm, but I use just the hand protector on my feet, elbows, even on dry spots on my face. There is a new face cream that I might try, but I've been using the hand protector for a couple of years now and I've never broken out because if it. The tube is $17, but a little goes a long way and is well worth it. It's a great product, but it does contain lanolin. I've e-mailed The Body Shop to find out about the lanolin they use and am awaiting a reply. Since they are so committed to no animal testing, I can only assume (hope) that their sources of lanolin are obtained in a humane, cruelty free way. I will report back when they respond.

Yves new "sausages" are another favorite at our house. We discovered them in the summer and tried them on the BBQ. Yummy! To just have it in a bun, we like the Bavarian style a bit better than the Italian style, but I've used the Italian one in pasta sauces and other dishes and it works great. The texture is nice and I'm sure meat-eaters would even find these appealing. Yves Veggie Cuisine was started in BC in 1985 by Yves Potvin. It has since been bought by an American company, Hain Celestial. They did keep the Canadian operation running, so there is an office in BC still. Yves products are all vegetarian, but not all are vegan, so if you have to read the labels if you're not eating eggs or dairy. The sausages are vegan.

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Harmonia said...

Interesting stuff! I haven't gotten anything from the body shop in years...but I loved that place when I did buy. Might have to online or something. Thanks for the info.

I wish I had more Yves Products available here. I have tried a few but not many. What I have tried I have liked in the past.

Depending on which part of Ontario you live in I would probably be at least 3+ hours away.

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