Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Weeknight Dinner

I bought a salad kit in the summer because I was wanted something different and I was feeling lazy.  Once I got it all together, I thought....I can make this myself for a whole lot less. 

Voila! Arugula, flaxseed corn chips, mandarin oranges and creamy balsamic dressing. This is one tasty salad.

It was the starter for our meal that is one of my favourites from Sarah Kramer's book, La Dolce Vegan.

Looks nummy, doesn't it. And it takes no time to put together and not a whole lot of fussing either. Cherry tomatoes get tossed with oil and then topped with a garlicy, cheesy bread crumb topping. Roast those while you cook the pasta and chop the basil. Drain the pasta and dump the veggies & basil into the pot with the pasta. Toss it around, plate and sprinkle with cheese. SUPER EASY! SUPER DELICIOUS!
We eat quite a lot of pasta. And we like wine.  Those two things are a perfect match.

This tasty Italian wine is a Vintages Essential and at $14.95 it's a great bargin.

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