Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure - American Idol

I freakin' love this show. My favorite contestant this year is David Cook. Check out this performance from Tuesday's show. They had to pick a song from the year they were born. This blew me away.
Anyone else watching?


Shawn Powers said...


American Idol is one of my guilty pleasures, and David Cook is my pick as well. It was only a slight letdown that he didn't do the actual arrangement. I think his performance is more enjoyable than Chris Cornell though. :)

I hope he wins! Either way, the guy's gonna make albums for sure.

Michelle Ann said...


I am obsessed with this song. David Cook is amazing. I even compared it to the Chris Cornell version (and I knew him when we were kids) and David's version blew it out.

Catherine Weber said...

Unfortunately, I have no American Idol commentry for you.

HOWEVER, your almost Irish stew looks fantastic! And that pineapple cake?!

P.S. I enjoyed the article on fattening Easter candies. :)

Tanya Kristine said...

Hell no. no, no, no...only because i want to try out and i'm too old. meanies.

aTxVegn said...

I saw that performance and it was amazing!

Anonymous said...

I like David and Carly the best. However, I do feel Kody could make Idol but Tanya is holding him back due to her age...LOL!

Fun Blog:-)


Laura said...

Wow forget those people .... Michael Johns can sing and he's HOT!

Laura said...

On a totally different topic .....I will have to go to the bulk barn sometime...Thanks