Friday, April 13, 2007

Coming To My Store?

In the back of the store, we have a shelf area set aside for customer requested holds. As I was walking by today, this hold that Tyler took caught my eye. Could it be...??

It's not "my" Bryan. We've had holds for this gentleman before. His wife was in to pick up the last one and she had absolutely no sense of humour. Come on. If you were married to someone named, say...Richard Simmons, I can see not really having fun with it. But married to someone named Brian Adams, you know something is going to be said to you. Just go with it. I would!!

Janesse that I work with had a customer named James Bond. She told him he had the coolest name and he seemed annoyed. These people have to lighten up. I'd milk it. When I was in high school I dated a guy with the last name Grant. All my friends said it would be so fun if we got married. I could be Carrie Grant. What if I married Jim Carrey. Then I'd be Carrie Carrey.

What if I married Jim Carrey, got divorced then married Drew Carey. I'd be Carrie Carrey-Carey. Or to my friends - "Carrie cubed". Got a funny name story to share? Please do!


Anonymous said...

Well I don't have a funny name story but after my divorce I didn't take back my maiden name because I wanted to stay the only person in the world with my name.

Anonymous said...

Not me personally, but an aunt of mine married a man with the last name "Stine" -- they proceeded to name their first child:

Franklin Norman Stine

Yep, Frank N. Stine. Poor kid.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, one of my bosses when I was in Junior High (summer job) was named "Peter Rash."

Try being a teenage boy and take that man seriously.

Unknown said...

I don't have a funny name story! :(

Unknown said...

But to make up for that, I've nominated you for Best Blog About Stuff since I love reading your blog -- hope you don't mind!

Everyday Superhero said...

You're funny.
I do have a couple of funny name stories. I used to work at a medical publishing company. I did some work with a doctor who's last name was Doctor. It was fun to ask for Dr. Doctor.
Also, the name of the doctor behind the smoking cessation program at one of our local hospitals (maybe it's a national program?) is Pipe. His name is Dr. Pipe and he's trying to get people to stop smoking. Funny.

Michelle Ann said...

Carrie Cubed!!! Too funny. I can't think of any funny Michelle names....

KleoPatra said...

Love this post. Very funny! One friend used to call me "Pearl Drops Tooth Polish" because of my last name and one old and sweet family friend used to sing, "For Karen i'm carin' " to me..

i call myself KleoPatra 'cause Cleopatra was the Queen of The Nile and i'm Queen of Denial.

and it's also kinda my initials :)

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOL you are too funny ! Carrie Grant ! I love that :)

Bryan Adams ! I would have died right there, fake Bryan or real Bryan.

My obstetrician was named Sandy Brown (and probably still is!). It always made me smile.

It also made me think of The Wedding Singer and Julia Gulia.

In French, a funny name is Martin Gouin (Mos Quito but with an extra t).

Judy said...

I always come back to a classic - if Oprah married Deepak Choprah she'd be Oprah Chopra! Hahaha :)

I have an aunt named Shirley, and she once got a piece of mail that was addressed to Shitley. That always makes me chuckle.

Shananigans said...

LOL...there are some funny name stories here. Remember Michael Bolton from Office Space?

My dog's dermatologist was Dr. Plant, sounds like he should have been a botanist, not a vet :)

Dori said...

My sister in law married a man named Don Gay. When they were having their first child we joked that they would name it Ben.

With a name llike James Bond... yes, I would have to play with it.