Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who's The Winning Diva?

Yay! My best friend Michelle was home for the weekend from Calgary, so we went for a night out with her and her boyfriend Joe. You might remember them from a previous post. Michelle is still in Calgary, but Joe is back in Burlington for school.

We decided to go to the Bishop & Firkin because they have some pretty good veggie selections on the menu, a half decent wine list and pool tables.

Here are Michelle and I playing a round. Neither one of us is a shark by any stretch of the imagination, but we like to play and have fun doing it.

Notice the orb on my back? Weird, eh? I had another photo of Michelle and there was one way up on the wall behind her. Could it be spirits in the pub?

We had a couple of games with the guys and then they decided they wanted to play video games.

Now we were starting to get a bit hungry. One thing I love about pub grub is making a meal out of appetizers. Jim and Joe are omni-men while the ladies are veg-heads. The guys got some chicken wings - passed on that photo-op. There were also some sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo that were gone before I could get my camera out of it's case.


I ordered vegetarian spring rolls with a hot chili sauce for dipping. These are one of my favorites.

Always crispy, always tasty.

This is hot spinach and artichoke dip. OMG!! This was so friggin' good. I could have bathed in it! I'd love to find a similar recipe to make at home. I'm going to do some searching to see what I can find. Does anyone have a recipe they would be willing to share? Please?

Their house wine was Mission Hill, so I had a glass of the merlot. It was pretty good for a house wine selection and the price was very reasonable.

While relaxing after we ate we decided to play trivia. You know the game you play at bars - used to be called NTN, now it's Buzztime. Well, Carrie was smokin' the competition and then we got the sweetest question:

Hey Kleo!! Look!

I answered lightening fast and scored 1000 points on this baby. Woo-Hoo! When all was said and done, I reigned supreme.


Anonymous said...

I knew the answer ! wow ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Darn..your blog makes me hungry..and I just had breakfast 0_o (9.40 am over here).

greetings from the Netherlands,


Dori said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Mmmmm the spring roll. I am looking forward to having the next couple of weeks off to be in my kitchen again.

Tanya Kristine said...

you rock. you do! a diva and a non-shark pool player...who could ask for more?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun evening. I'm glad you got to spend time with your friend. I am the worst pool player but I do enjoy playing. I just need someone to take the time to give me some pointers and lots of practice. For the record, that song tops my all-time most hated song list. It's really awful. But that's way cool you won!!! Smartie diva!

karen said...

Hi Carrie! Sorry I haven't been around in like forever, I was buried under paperwork for school. Don't u love fun nights out with friends? Those spring rolls look fantastic. I do like that dip, but I bet we can find a vegan version to make at home... Have a wonderful holiday :)

urban vegan said...

What a nice nite out. I love pub grub, too.

Jody from VegChic said...

Trivia, pool, grub, games, friends and boos...sounds like a good night to me!

You know what is really funny? I picked up a Best of the 80's 6 cd set last week. Jessie's Girl is on Disc 3.

High Power Rocketry said...

Yay :)

Unknown said...

Nice Blog. I'll be back to visit. I came here from R2K. I was reading your bathroom reviews.

Crystal said...

Sometimes I feel like bathing in food too, Carrie!