Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rock Star Supernova

A big congratulations to Lukas Rossi for winning the spot to be lead singer for the band Super Nova!

If you haven't been watching the show, you missed some great performances by some awesome singers. We enjoyed this all summer long. Right from the get-go, we liked Lukas.

So that's 2 successful seasons for this show. Last year was to find a front man for
INXS. That hottie JD Fortune won that one.

That's 2 successful seasons of this show for Canadians. Both of the winners have been from Canada! Way to go!


kleo said...

I love those Canadians! Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, look out for the future hotties/talents...

Carrie, thanks for your comments on my blog about Emilie... and for your text messages! You are the best. I'll e-mail you back shortly and i am so looking forward to seeing you, Megan, Melissa and JIM, absolutely, next month...

Anonymous said...

you're too funny.
I heard about this on the radio. Something is changing with Canada's music talent. It used to be only the women that made it Celine, Shania, Sarah...but now the boys are catching up.

Megan the Vegan

Harmonia said...

O, Canada! :)

I like your Lukas pic better than mine. But the tastee pic of the day is J.D. Veggies RULE! ;)