Tuesday, September 12, 2006

After we left the Food Fair, we strolled over to this address.

Toronto people might know what this is the address for. Others - probably not. 40 Bay Street is the site of Hockey Mecca.


We went into the store and behold! (They even still have Wendel Clark jersey's for sale. See #17 in the top row?)

What an array of goodies to choose from.


Hockey season hasn't started yet and the place was very, very quiet. What a difference from what we usually see. On game night, this place is packed!

I thought I might like to go down to the ice and lay on the red line. I knocked and knocked, but no one would let me in. Maybe another time.

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kleo said...

You hockey nut you!! What can i tell ya? You would love my job more than i do... Cool place though, and you look stoked to be there, that's what matters most!