Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Busy Mailbox

Canada Post has been very good to me the past couple of weeks. First thing to arrive.....

This was an E-Bay win. It's a double CD with a bonus DVD! I've had the CDs in my Discman as I walk around town and it's like a trip down memory lane. There's over 20 years worth of stuff on these discs. I haven't watched all of the DVD; I just skimmed through it. It's a concert that was performed in Spain, but looks good. A-hem...looks real good. All this for $5.99 and $2.95 shipping and handling.

But wait. There's more!

This was also an E-Bay win. Odd combo don't you think? I saw the cookbook and bid on it. Sometimes I'll also check the seller's other items to see if there is anything I'm interested in. Almost everyone will combine items to help save on shipping. This lady had the cookbook, which I won for $2.77. The retail price listed on the back of the book for Canada is $23.95. She also had 4 new pairs of socks which I won for 25 cents. That was too good of a deal to pass up.

Within 2 days of each other, both of these magazines arrived. I've only just flipped through them and haven't had time to really read much, but I see Veg News has an article about vegan wine. I'll have to read up on that and post about it at Veggin' Out.

Then a couple of days later, this arrives!

I like Veg News so much that I ordered a 3 year subscription. As a bonus, they sent me this large, kick-ass tote bag. Look in the top right hand corner of this photo. Someone else is very interested in this bag.

Then....oh, this is the best part. A few weeks ago, I placed an order with Elizabeth Demerson for some more of her beautiful pottery. She e-mailed me and said it was on it's way. Look what I got!

A pink rice bowl to go with the blue rice bowl I have. This will also co-ordinate with the pinky chopsticks I got from my Mom.


I also got a beautiful quiche dish. I really like the dragonfly accent she chose for this. And I love the colour!



And a butter jar! Isn't this just gorgeous? It's the perfect size to accomodate a small tub of margarine. It fits in just perfectly.


Thank you Elizabeth! I love all of it. Hmmm....what to order next?



Then to top off my mailbox extravaganza, our monthly wine delivery came from Hillebrand.

Looks like 2 good ones this month. Cheers!


Not So Vivacious Vegan said...

OMG, it's like x-mas and birthdays all rolled into one. You're sure having a great week! So excited about all of your great finds. I'm going to look into the veg news subscription. I've been meaning to get one for quite some time now.

The pottery is beautiful! I love the colors.

dreena said...

whoa!!! I love getting treats in the mail (well, who DOESN'T after all)... I'm a wee bit envious - but happy you are getting so much joy from your goodies. :)

Anonymous said...

Carrie, i love all your stuff!! Wow, where to begin!

The Bryan Adams double CD... oh girl, i have GOT to get me one (two) of those!!! Can't believe you haven't watched sweet Bryan A. on the DVD yet. Priorities, Carrie, come on now! :o) You gotta love that the seller had the tofu book AND the CD/DVD combo. Interesting. I have combined stuff before, tho i haven't been on eBay in YEARS...

VegNews is awesome. I usually buy single copies, but i should probably subscribe, especially if i can get that great tote bag! Simon knows his stuff, i love how you got his nose in there. Cute cute cute!

That pottery is all stunning. Totally gorgeous stuff there.

Nice wines too. You're in for a good month with those. Love the Trius bottle/design label. Pretty stylish!

Anonymous said...

That pottery is gorgeous!

I like the combo of the cookbook and the socks. :)

I was thinking of subscribing to Veg News...now that I know there are totebags involved I might just have to!

Village Mama said...

really enjoy your blog...am MOST envious of the pottery : )

Simon's got great taste in tote bags!

Thebodytalk said...

The pottery are beautiful. I love the VegNews, too. Is it just great?
I love your humor about someone's interest in the bag. Maybe (he or she) thinks something's inside for (him or her). It's kind of cute, though.
Ebay is just a great place for shopping. You can shop variety of items with less $$ while you're enjoying in popcorn with sodas at your home. Well, Enjoy your stuffs.

The BodyTalk

Anonymous said...

I esp love all the dragonfly pottery.

Puts spam and junk mail to shame. Enjoy.

Vicki said...

the mail person has been very generous with you, carrie! i'm especially digging the huge veg bag -- looks like it's big enough for you to tote simon around & perhaps he's interested to hop in?! :o)

shananigans said...

That is some beautiful pottery you got there, I especially like the quiche dish. I love getting fun stuff in the mail, almost makes me wanna go order some stuff just so I have stuff to look forward to in the post box. I’ll have to check out the vegnews mag.

Anonymous said...

It *does* look like Christmas over there! What a fun week for you!

I love Bryan Adams too, and that CD/DVD combo is awesome! I have some of his Cd's, but not that set. Looks great!

I love Vegnews and have a subscription too. It's one of the few magazines I will actually sit and read all the way through! Simon's nose poking in to the photo is adorable!!

I am crazy in love with your pottery choices! I love pottery so much. I looked at Elizabeth Demerson's site, but don't see how you can order online. Is there a way to do so? I'm in Seattle and cannot visit those shops I saw on her site. SUCH gorgeous pieces you chose!!!

funwithyourfood said...

Oh i like your new pots! they're so pretty


Melissa said...

I'm jealous! I love that pottery, its amazing!