Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pasta Night

If Jim had his way, pretty much every night would include some form of pasta. I really like it too. It's such a versatile food. I was in the mood for a spaghetti type of meal, but not with traditional spaghetti sauce. And since I was cooking, that's what we were going to have.

I remembered a recipe that I had bookmarked in
Vive Le Vegan that I thought might be just what I was in the mood for. Once again, it was Dreena to the rescue!

Here we have Tomato Lentil Pasta Sauce which I served with Linguine.

The recipe said to garnish with pine nuts, hemp seed nuts or non-dairy Parmesan "cheeze". I didn't want the "cheeze" (surprised?) and I don't like pine nuts, but really like hemp seed nuts. When I served Jim his bowl, he said "What's that?" I said "Hemp seed nuts. They're good." To which he replied "Maybe to you. Your palate is used to eating bark." (he is of course joking) I said "Just try it. I know you'll like it."

And he did! He finished his in record time and said it was very good. We had a salad with it and some delicious foccacia. A few days ago, I was reading Crystal's blog and she had made foccacia and posted a picture. That got my craving started. Mine was store bought but was still very yummy (but I forgot to take a photo - sorry!). We opened a bottle of Vineland Estates Cabernet Franc, and dinner was complete. Almost.

To finish off with a little sweet treat, we had Raspberry Coconut Squares from The Everyday Vegan.


These weren't too heavy or too sweet - just perfect. We had a couple of pieces each and had to put them away before things got out of control.

Bark?! HA! Showed him, didn't I?


Dreena said...

Wait a minute, Carrie... I rather enjoy a little bark once in a while.

Chocolate bark that is!!!

Yes, us crunchy types, we do like the food of the earth!

But wow, when your man is eating up the hemp seeds without any protest... that's just fab!

Glad you liked both the recipes!! :)


Tanya Kristine said...

Mmm...that does look good.

i made Suzanne somers' cream of tomato soup and used tofu instead of heavy cream. not QUITE the same but passable enough. tnoight i'm gonna throw in some cilantro because cilantro makes everything better.

Gaia said...

Hi Carrie !
I so agree about the squares ! Made them sunday and my kids want to make more for their grandparents.

Your pictures look amazing !

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Everything looks so classy! Even the squares~ I enjoy the wine tips as well, of course.

KleoPatra said...

You tell Jim the only bark is the one from Simon's mouth! :o)

Record time. Hee hee. Way to go, Jim. Gotta give'm credit for trying it even after "barking" about it. Props to you for making such a great meal that he could not resist.

Dreena's recipe looks dreamy. The woman knows her stuff, and we're all so lucky to be able to "borrow" from her wealth of knowledge. Some of us (i.e. YOU, Carrie!) do better than others (ahem... me).

And mmmmmmmm! Rasberry and coconut, together again. What a winning combo. Those bars look sinfully delicious...

funwithyourfood said...

way to show him Carrie
way to show him! ;)

I've never even had hemp seed nuts before but I love pine nuts. Hm that that mean I'll hate hemp nuts? guess i'll have to search around to get some and find out


Dori said...

I can't find hemp seeds here. I think the canadians are hoarding them all. ;)

oh the bars... the bars ...

That is exactly what I need to make for Dave cause he takes treats to a meeting this Friday night.

Urban Vegan said...

I never, ever get tired of pasta. We had pasta nite last nite.

Those rasp. coconut squares look like they would send me over the edge. I mean that in a very good way.

Melissa West said...

I love that tomato and lentil pasta recipe too. I still have to try the coconut rasp. squares. They look delicoius. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the tomato and lentil pasta recipe yet but it sure does look good. The coconut rasp squares are HEAVENLY! I made them the last time with blackberry preserves. Currently I have some strawberry rhubarb preserves and I might make them with that too. Yummmm!

karen said...

All of the food looks so good! I sould eat pasta constantly- I love it tooo much. Those bars look fantastic!!! Us veggies do like our bark. My old boyfriend used to call my salads "weed wacker" salads, lol.