Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day Emergency

Mother's Day was going to be a bit of an awkward one this year. Originally, we were going to do a Chinese take-out with Jim's mom. I had to work at the wine store 11-6, so it wouldn't have been too late and we were going to just grab food after I was finished and head over to Mama Rita's. Well, Jade has started a new job and she had to work from 5-8pm so Jim was going to have to take her home early. Mother's Day then turned into lunch for the 3 of them, which was OK by me and then Jim and I were going to do some take-out later.
I was in the bathroom getting ready for work and I heard Jim say "Oh Simon". I poked my head out and said "What's he doing?" Jim said "He just barfed." I went in the bedroom and found that he'd thrown up blood! At first it didn't clue in what I was looking at. I asked Jim if he'd fed Simon strawberries because it was that red. Being a Sunday, our vet's office is closed, so we had to go to the emergency clinic. Simon seemed fine otherwise, but vomiting blood is not good and we had to get him checked out. Jim dropped me off at work and headed to the vet's. He was there until 2:00 while they ran tests, did X-Rays, the whole bit. The vet couldn't find any internal bleeding or foreign matter and said it could have been something that cut him and has since passed, could be an ulcer, she really couldn't say. Nothing was showing up on the X-Ray and his blood work was fine. Whew! We have an appt. with Dr. Woolard on Wednesday anyway to get some heartworm medication, so she was sending the report over there and we could follow up with Stuart. She gave Jim some stomach soothing medicine, some antibiotics and a bill for $537. Because of this emergency, Mother's Day got postponed until Jade comes again in 2 weeks. There just wasn't enough time left. Since we were now a bit short of cash, we opted for a frozen Delissio Veggie Deluxe pizza that I added some Yves pepperoni to and a really good bottle of wine (2000 vintage of Hillebrand Collectors Choice Cabernet-Merlot ) to de-stress. Simon seems fine, Thank God!


KleoPatra said...

Carrie (TM) i don't have to tell you that i have been there, been down that road on more than one occasion. Emergency treatment, whether for people or animals, is unbelievably costly, but thankfully it is THERE, thank goodness you were there to take care of poor Simon!

i am curious (and concerned, of course) what you find out about what made him so ill...

Happy Mother's Day belated and do know that you are *hugged* for being such a responsible pet "owner." I'm sorry your day had that hiccup but you made it as lovely as you could.

And that was good to read!!!


Harmonia said...

Sorry to hear about Simon! Glad he will be alright though. My bil cat just went in for stones last night...that is such a scary thing!

Vicki said...

whewww -- glad simon seems fine! keep us posted about it. jeez, vets are expensive!

looks like a nice bottle there. you work in a wine store?! you must really know your wines -- wish i knew more.