Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blue Ridge Bones

A few weeks ago, I posted about Animal Wellness magazine. In it were, of course, a lot of advertisements. One that intrigued me was for Blue Ridge Bones. Because Simon has some food allergies, I have to be careful what I feed him. I checked out the website and the treats seemed to be chicken-free - totally meat-free actually. I didn't remember seeing these at the pet store, so I e-mailed the company to see if they sold their dog cookies in Canada. I got a very friendly and prompt message back from Sarah Ernst who is one of the partners/owners. She said they don't sell in any stores in Canada yet, but orders can be placed on their website and she said she'd mail me some samples. They arrived a few days ago and I must say that Simon really liked them. I think he was partial to the quinoa & blueberry flavour. He liked them so much, and I was so impressed with their customer service and the quality of the product that I'm going to order some. Hopefully they'll be available to buy at our pet store before too long. Thanks Sarah!


KleoPatra said...

i like that web site and also those blueberry and quinoa biscuits. fabulous!

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