Monday, February 20, 2006



Harmonia said...

Congrats. I was hoping for the gold, but that's ok.


The more Bulgur recipes the better - keep them comin'

Tempeh...I actually just got into it about 2 years ago. I've never made my own but have bought LightLife's varieties. They have Wild Rice which is ok, garden veggie which I liked the least, and whole grain I think which wasn't bad. Then, my favorite...fakin' bakin'. Which is funny because I never liked real bacon when I was omni. (a kid)

I have seen others use it in sandwiches, stirfries, pasta, etc. but I still have to try most of those myself. Hope this helps.

Restaurant Girl said...

Thanks for your interest! I will follow your blog as well. I am just getting into the whole food-blogging scene and it seems great! :)

Harmonia said...

Come check out the new Meme I started! It’s the Midweek Munchies Post with a code to (hopefully) make it easier. I would love for you to help get this thing started and help spread the word! I think it will be fun!!!