Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Dog Whisperer

Ron told J about this show he watches and we tuned in last night. Wow! This guy is amazing. His name is Cesar Millan and he is the The Dog Whisperer. People that have trouble with their dogs, mostly behavioural problems, call him in to help. Last night there were 4 different dogs. One got really bitey when his owners tried to give him medication. He was a small dog, but those teeth were out and he was really grabbing onto the lady's shoe. YIKES! Then there were 2 sisters who had found 2 abandoned Rottweiler puppies near a dumpster (how can people do that?? GRRR! If you don't want the dog, take it to a shelter) Anyway, these puppies were 6 months old and huge. They couldn't control them and they were starting to show signs of aggression that could escalate to really bad behaviour. Then there was a man who had a Vizsla - beautiful dog. He'd gotten the dog as a puppy and brought him from the county to the city and the dog was afraid of everything. I felt so sad for this poochie. He was terrified of strollers, buses, mailboxes, everything. But you should have seen him at the end. It was a really good show and as a dog owner, gives me some added insight into how my dog's mind works. (aside from the 'let me sit here all cute-like and mom will putty in my paw'). It's on the National Geographic channel on Friday nights. Check it out.

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Harmonia said...

I have watched this guy since the beginning! Amazing is right! It's great to know he helps dogs that no one else would or could help. I have yet to visit his new website though...that is a must later today!