Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cheap Books

Not long ago, I saw a couple of cookbooks up for sale on e-bay that were very cheaply priced, so I decided to get on them. One was "The Almost No-Fat Cookbook" by Bryanna Clark Grogan.The other was "Tofu Quick and Easy" by Louise Hagler.

It was one of those "buy it now" deals and the seller would combine items for cheaper shipping which is always a bonus. I did my whole PayPal ritual and then was going to sit back and wait for my books to arrive.The next day I got an e-mail from the seller.

He had made a mistake on the listing. It wasn't "The Almost No Fat Cookbook" that he had; it was "The Almost No Fat Holiday Cookbook".

Because of his mistake, he was going to send me that one (if I actually wanted it) and the tofu book free of charge. He refunded me all of my money!

And because of his mix-up, he threw in a third book "Soyfoods Cookery" also by Louise Hagler.

I was pleasantly flabbergasted. We e-mailed back and forth a few times and the gentleman was very nice and very apologetic for his mix-up. It's a family-run business he has and wants to have happy customers.This man was so, so nice and went above and beyond. I would gladly have just taken the other book and paid for it, but he wouldn't have it. There is an on-line store and I wanted to post up his web address as a thank you for being so kind to me. They sell mostly New Age type books, with lots and lots of interesting titles. You might find something you'd like. It's called Discount New Age Books. Please check it out!


Harmonia said...

The soy foods ones looks interesting.

Funny thing...went to a bookstore (2nd hand but has thousands if not millions of books) and not one veg. ACK!

Carrie™ said...

There's a second hand bookstore downtown here. I go there all the time to exchange paperbacks and never thought to look for cookbooks. I'll have to do that.