Thursday, December 28, 2006

What I Got From Santa

It was finally Christmas morning. I wanted to sleep in, but Mommy & Daddy just HAD to get up at the unGodly hour of 10am. Geez! Why those two can't sleep all day like me I'll never know.

There was an awful lot of activity going on. Hmmm, presents. What's in that one Dad?

A bottle of Scotch. Well a lot of good that does me.

What else have we got? Come on. Look at me wearing my Christmas handkerchief. Don't I look cute enough to deserve something? I've been a good boy.

What's that Mom's got? Tickets to a show and a CD?! I can't eat that. Mom's happy about the CD though. She lost hers a long time ago, so Santa brought her a new one.

Come on Santa! I know you must have left me something.

Ahhhh YES!! Now we're talking!


Mmmmmmm!!!! Delicious! Thanks Santa!

Whew! I'm pooped now. I'll sleep while those two read their new books.



Melissa West said...

Simon's so cute, glad Santa was good to you!

Kris said...

What a cutie! Fun day, it looks like.

Tanya Kristine said...

dude. those are NOT pink floyd tickets ARE THEY???????

i've seen them 5 times and letme tell you...i'd see them 8 gazillion times more.

Merry Christmas simon...go see my boys blog on HIS christmas....

Tanya Kristine said...

nevermind. blue man group...well..i.t's kinda the same?


Anonymous said...

Simon is a very loved little doggie. :) Glad to see you three had a nice Christmas. Have a safe and happy New Year!!

Dori said...

Yay Simon got a bone, so did Lucy. With your knowledge (thanks to the christmas books), my booze combined with yours could make a grand party for all of us.... whatcha up to new years eve. :)

Melody said...

Pink Floyd tickets???? You lucky girl...

Simon is adorable.. I wuff him!!

R2K said...

The wall, great album.

Candi said...

Aww, how adorable! Of course Simon would not be left out!! :) I love the holiday handkerchief!!!!!

Glad you had a fun holiday!

Happy New Year!!!

funwithyourfood said...

sounds like you're ready for the new year


Anonymous said...

you guys are such boozers...I love it. I learn so much from you!

bazu said...

What a cute Christmas post! Great gifts. I hope your holiday and New Year's Eve went well. Happy New Year!

NH Recycler said...

Food & wine, great blog site, thanks for inviting me! Love your pics and comments, I have to go find something to eat now, you've made me hungry.
Mary O
from New Hampshire

Urban Vegan said... least you're educted boozers.

Happy New Year!

Shananigans said...

Merry New Year! Simon doesn't like whisky? I guess the term "booze hound" doesn't apply them, hm. I got to see Roger Waters in concert at the Hollywood Bowl shortly before I left LA, it was one of the greatest performances I've ever seen. But the Blue Man Group is supposed to be fun, hope you enjoy!

Ellen said...

Guess Simon did not want to get up that early on Christmas morning but sure did perk up when he got his bone!! Cute hankerchief..gotta get a christmas one for our doggies. Yeah a couple of old boozers with the whiskies and wine book lol.
I have seen the Blue Man Group on TV and there was a little show about them. Have fun.