Thursday, October 09, 2008

Alice a Go-Go

Monday night we went into Hamilton for the Alice Cooper concert. I'd been looking forward to this for weeks. The opening act was Canada's own Econoline Crush.

I don't know if they are known outside of Canada, but here's a sampling of their song You Don't Know What It's Like which they did sing at the show.

Their set was pretty decent and they played hard, but everyone was there to see Alice. Now, I love going to concerts and seeing bands play live, and you get the run-of-the-mill regular folks who may wear a band T-shirt, but some fans are so hardcore, it's weird. There were people with make-up on and some in costume. One girl had on a top hat, tails, gloves, make-up, a fake snake - it was like being at The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Anyhow, we had excellent seats. And Alice rocked the house!

For a while, he was touring and doing a "garage band" type of show. But now he's gone back to the Alice we know and love - shock rock with all the antics & drama.

He sang almost non-stop hit after hit, including some of my favorites Be My Lover, Feed My Frankenstein, Welcome To My Nightmare, School's Out, on and on. The encore was great, Billion Dollar Babies, Poison and a spoof on the upcoming election with Elected. (Click the link on any of the songs to see the video on YouTube.) The show was absolutely AMAZING!! The whole thing.

He was total pro and if you've never seen Alice Cooper live you MUST! This was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I'm not kidding. We're all friends here, so trust me when I say it was fucking phenomenal. Just awesome! As we were leaving I was hearing only positive comments from the other concert-goers.

So what did we eat before heading off to an evening of live music to give us the energy to rock and roll properly?
Take what you see in this photo and make it into this -

Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta with Kalamata Olives & Capers from Vegan a Go-Go. What a yummy dish! And so easy. Served with a salad and some bread, it was a "rockin'" meal. This is another recipe I highly recommend you try. I added the optional vegan cheese, but it would be just as good without.
I hope everyone has a terrific weekend. To all my Canadian blog pals, Happy Thanksgiving. And don't forget to hit the polls on Tuesday and cast your vote for your favorite candidate. If you don't vote, you have absolutely no right to bitch about the government.


VeggieGirl said...

Fun concert!!

Looove that pasta dish - yum!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! :0)

kimby said...

That pasta dish looks yummy!
(i got here via Shawn's is nice to find another Ontario/Canadian blogger!)

River said...

Wow - what a night you had, Carrie! And yes that pasta looks marvellous :) (Luv pasta!) Thanks too for dropping by my blog with such kind comments.
Love and hugs, River

Tracy said...

Awww, jeepers, I wanted to see Alice Cooper. I am so jealous of you right now, Carrie! I don't get to go to many concerts at the moment due to *cough* kids with orthodontia issues. Hopefully I'll still be rockin' out in five years when they vamoose off to college comewhere.

Michelle Ann said...

I love Alice Cooper...he is such the opposite of his stage persona. I saw him on Bill Maher and he cracked me up.

Heather Bagnell said...

the food looks awesome...I always wonder what else I can do with capers...I always have them on smoked salmon. Also I have a great story about Econoline Crush. I was working coat check at the club for a favor to my boss, and who comes in late,close to 2am, but some Alice Cooper band mates. I look and obviously don't recognize them, I've been to concerts before and the band guys ALWAYS use their status to get laid, who wouldn't? Lol. 2 of the guys look like electric nobodies but one guy was all in makeup. He had to be part of fame to dress like that:) When they came in they said"Hi we're with the Alice Cooper Band, we came to check you guys out". I said umm yeah? it's $ he was so offened, after much staring and rolling of the eyes, they forked over the $6 each. It's Saint John, we don't care, we're poor! I went and look at some pics of this guy in make up and who is it? a guy from Enconoline Crush..hahaha. I found this funny cause he said he was from the Alice Cooper band. They left with the drunkest girls from out of town they could find:)

il criceto said...

pasta - spaghetti - with olives and capers (and tomato sauce with garlic) was my favorite pasta when i was a kid;we were eating it every sunday for has a "funny" name:"pasta alla puttanesca" i think i'mnot going to translate !! :-) i often read your blog(but rarely leave any comments!lazy me!) I love canada, my aunt lives in Vancouver and i hope to visit her again sooner or later!
have a nice day

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