Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let's Start With Cake

Helloooo! I think I'll make my way back to blogging - and I might as well start off with a yumminess. While I was away, we had 2 birthdays. Two birthdays mean two cakes! Both of these are from Dreena. First up was Jade's birthday.

I made this cake from a recipe in Vive Le Vegan. It's Raspberry Frosted Cake with Chocolate Cream Center. This was delicious! The icing was a such a pretty colour. The recipe called for frozen raspberries and all I could find was frozen raspberries in syrup. I drained off as much as I could, but I think it ended up being a little too much liquid because the frosting was a bit runny. It totally stayed on the cake, but I didn't have to really spread it. It sort of oozed down the sides and did all the work for me.

Here's the birtday girl blowing out her candles. She's all grown up now at 17.

Her boyfriend, Mike, also came to our little party that was held at Mama Rita's place. I really like Mike. He's such a nice young man & treats Jade so well. (And he likes my cakes!)

The chocolate cream center along with the raspberry frosting was a delicious flavour combination.

This is a shot of my slice. I took two pictures. This one, which is out of focus, and the other one which had a big shadow on it. This was the better of the two. You can see how the icing is a bit soft, but it stayed put. The cake was moist and dense and scrumptious. I will make this again!

Two weeks later, it was time for cake again. This time, it was Jim's birthday. He always wants chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. So, out comes The Everyday Vegan and my stand-by, always successful recipe for Triple Layer Chocolate Cream Cake.

This cake is very impressive with it's 3 layers of super dark chocolate cake and lighter chocolate icing, yet it is so easy to make.

Here's the birthday boy slicing the first piece. Jim is a real chocoholic - worse than me sometimes, so this is the perfect cake for him.

Doesn't it look marvelous? The icing is so easy and such a dream to work with. I cannot rave enough about this recipe. Follow the directions, and it's fool-proof.

How's that for a start back after a break?


Tanya Kristine said...

welcome back any my vote is for CHOCOLATE!!!! that looks delicious! happy birthday everyone!

VeggieGirl said...

yay, so glad to see you back in the blogging world!! :0)

wow, that Raspberry Frosted Cake with Chocolate Cream Center for Jade's birthday, as well as the Triple Layer Chocolate Cream Cake for Jim's birthday, look positively decadent and luscious!! yum!! Can't go wrong with Dreena's recipes, THAT'S for sure!!

Looking forward to your next post :0)

Judy said...

Wow, both of your cakes look amazing. Since I am not vegan, I have not experimented much with vegan baking, cakes included, and for some reason, it seems really hard to me. So way to go! lol

Vegan_Noodle said...

That's a yummy start for sure!!

Shananigans said...

Welcome back!

OMG, your cakes look amazing. Last time I tried to make strawberry buttercream my frosting was way too runny, turned into more of a glaze.

Aw, Mike and Jade are so cute..uh, I mean grown-up ;) That's funny because I totally thought I was an adult at 17.

Anonymous said...

What a way to come back! My vote goes for the raspberry one and my birthday is July 20th! Heheheh!

urban vegan said...

She's BAAAAACCCCCK! I wanted to nag you to come out and play, but I didn't want to cross the picket line.

What wonderful cakes...Goodness--how decadent can you get?

bazu said...

good to have you back, Carrie! Those cakes look so wonderful- my birthday is in March, just in case you plan on swinging through NY around that time... just sayin'!

Dori said...

I have been hankering that raspberry frosted cake from Dreena's cookbook, but just haven't got to it yet. That chocolate chocolate one sure looks like a winner too. Maybe I'll ask for the raspberry one for my birthday.

Hope your holidays are food filled and fun. I am going to buy a bottle of brandy and rum this year. Any suggestions (besides wassail) that I could use them for or drink them with?

madeinalaska said...

Hey there Carrie.. I must say I will be bugging you now to make your appt.. funny thing is I am going to get my first mamo on monday... My Mom is here for Thanksgiving and when she read your comment she almost cried.

I too love the vive cake!! That seems to always work out the best for me! I usually make that one for little Emma's b-day.

Well, I haven't been doing much face booking.. but, I will and bug you there too.. take care Carrie!

aTxVegn said...

Glad to see you back, Carrie! Both of those cakes look amazing! I haven't made either of them, but next time I need a cake, those will get serious consideration.

Catherine said...

Hi Carrie! Those cakes look AMAZING, and I agree, the raspberry frosting color is gorgeous!

Come on over to my blog and cast your vote in the great Christmas Cookie Conundrum of 2007! I need all the help I can get . . . thanks!

madeinalaska said...

ddddiiiidddd ya call? I got my over w/... and it was easy! not painful..

dangnabbit i had your e-mail once but, evidently I deleted it.

I have been thinking of you all weekend girlfriend!

River said...

Oh what a great start to starting over! And it is soooooo good to see you back blogging, Carrie. You inspire me - not to cake cuz I'm not good at cakes - but to get a little bit creative *and* to keep on blogging on ;)
Lots of love and hugs!

Candi said...

Welcome back and Happy Birthday(s)! :) Nice work on those cakes! What a great way to come back to blogging... make us all envious of your desserts!! :P Looks great and so colorful!

Shawn Powers said...

Either Google Reader didn't pick up this post, or I had a black out mid-click. :) Welcome back!

And like in my comment in your other post, I'm hungry today -- so posts like this don't help at all. AT ALL I tell you. :)