Friday, July 14, 2006

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Just for the record, the RCMP or as they are more commonly called, Mounties look like this on a daily basis.

Not this.

These are ceremonial uniforms reserved for parades, special occaisions/events or for the Musical Ride.

OK, I'm glad we've cleared that up.


Vicki said...

the red jackets are striking & is certainly what comes to my mind.....but i prefer the look of #2 photo!!!! delish.

Carrie™ said...

HAHAHA!! Vicki, you crack me up. I thought that was worth putting up there. Kinda makes you want to break the law, doesn't it?

karen said...

I was going to say photo #2 was very nice. Thanks for clearing that up, because when someone says mounties, I think of photo #3. :)

Melissa West said...

Carrie, you are sooo funny!

Next post shoud show igloos vs. real houses in Canada.

KleoPatra said...

i like No. 2 as well.

If only this were "The Dating Game" ... anyone remember that?

"Mounties" ... oy, that name! Nice horse!

Carrie, hope you are having a royally riveting weekend.

Dreena said...

Fuh-ny!... and true!!

Great post Carrie (thanks again for a much needed laugh)!


Anonymous said...

Carrie - I like your new blogger template! I've never seen this one before.

Photos #2....oh yeah!

Veggies,Yarns& Tails said...

Hahaha....great post and TRUE!!! We live on the Prairies, HOME of the RCMP. The red serge uniforms are nice but not very practical for day to day...

I agree with your comment on Kleo's blog. Its 100 degrees and its f.....Canada, enough already!!!


funwithyourfood said...


Thanks for clearing that up :)